MISFITS 不太合群 系列

120×160, Art Microspray, 2022

He is Chinese fashion star artist, as well as the lead singer of a rock band, fashion photographer, designer,magazine founder and editor-in-chief; Besides, his growth process is parallel to the street culture and fashion culture in China. The unique spirit of fashion has permeated his works and life attitude. 

Moreover, he has created a series of works in a variety of artistic languages after setting iconic work “Innocence” as the spiritual core, thus expressing the power of innocence that symbolizes eternity.

He is good at the combination of pop art and collage, also skilled in integrating the humorous attitude with bright colors. Under this background, he has spanned multiple fields such as painting, digital art, fashion, photography,music and video. His works have been collected by “White Rabbit Gallery, Australia”, “M+ Museum,Hong Kong” and other international art institutions. 

He is also the artist who works most closely with international commercial brands in the Chinese world from the international top luxury brand “BVLGARI” to the fashion brand “MCM”, “Kiehl’s”, “Diesel”, “Budweiser”,“New Balance” and to the Chinese giant brand “Tmall”, “Jingdong” and “Mengniu”, all of them have been co-branded in the whole consumer market. He has broken the boundary between art and pop culture with bold innovation and exploration, also remixed the ever-changing new era just like a DJ. He was a significant artist who has left an impressive mark in thehistory of Chinese art.