Koji Shinno

Ferocious 2020-5

85.2×65.7 ed.2, drypoint, 2020

Act of bringing the inside out I have a strong interest in violence, one of an instinct we all have. 

It is prohibited to expose one’s violence in life in society, of course. Compared to the domestic cat, a stray cat shows different emotions, when a stray cat  finds prey, like a bug or bird, directly sets their hunting position.

Since they live by instinct.The domestic cat is happier than the stray cat as they live longer, on the other side, might they look at the life of the stray cat enviously. I follow my instinct at least when I face the copper board, but sometimes I stop both my hand and my heart when associated with doubt, evil, madness, happiness, and easiness. In the future, if I live just facing the copper board, I might discover my violence, or other subconscious printed on the paper and become visible to confirm it. 

Or maybe I should leave with the life with the copper board to untie the tie and finally expose my violence out. I was regardless of appearance to repeat violence when the time of infant stage. I had regretted and warned myself to simply spend such a period without compunction. 

Facing the copper board by myself just following my instinct is what I believe a nature that I exist. Like a stray cat, I want to keep staring at the copper plate without worrying about being seen.